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Problems with Network solutions

They have been actively stopping me move my domain to another provider. Click the link below to read a transcript of my messages to them. Network solutions ticket here is a link to my messages on their Support page Below is a screen-shot to prove I tried once before in 2014 Read more →

Move a site from Apache to CPanel Hosting

Move a site from Apache to CPanel Hosting, in this example with Register 365 but it is pretty much the same procedure for wherever. I asked Register 365 if I had the steps right to do this, they replied yes, saying that I had the steps right. Initially it was going to be FTP back up files on old server… Read more →

30 Second Advert

30 Second Advert, a challenge indeed, hook the audience in the first 5 seconds so that they watch the film until the end. I think making up the story that is told was the most important part of the procedure. In any case I am happy with what I made. It took me three hours from start to finish and… Read more →